"One of the UK's most essential, influential and results focussed businesses"

Marketing. Design. Sales.

North Star Marketing is a UK based design, marketing and sales support company. Our specialist departments typically support small to medium sized entreprises (SMEs) with their ambitions to grow.

Our popular search engine optimisation packages Pay As You Go SEO and Pay For Results SEO services mean you will only pay if we successful manage to rank your website highly on Google, which can deliver you more enquiries and subsequent sales.

With North Star Marketing your business can use a diverse range of marketing, design and sales support. Our business support teams are led by experienced professionals who can supply marketing help, sales advice and unique design for your company.
The tailored service we offer enables your business to take advantage of free project support, which ensures costs are minimised, a coherent message is delivered and valuable time is saved.

Instead of using multiple agencies, keep it simple.  use one; North Star Marketing.

Efficient, effective & tailored business support

Through North Star, your marketing team could provide marketing planning, research & strategy, brand development, digital marketing, marketing communication and advertising among other services which are offered in-house by North Star Marketing Support.

Our creative design team support your business to deliver a brand which reflects your values. Our designers have experience developing innovative, imaginative and unique designs for some of the world's biggest brands, including Disney, Sony and Nike. 

Along with marketing and design we have recently added a sales consultancy team. Sales and marketing should work closely together. If your business needs help to convert opportunities into profitable sales then our knowledgeable team can help. We can offer a wide range of sales support, including sales training, project management, sales assessments and assistance with sales recruiting.

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North Star Marketing has experience support clients with marketing advice, promotional planning, advertising, Pay For Results SEO, website design and graphic design.