About us                                       

North star marketing is a beacon for small to medium sized businesses which have the ambition to grow.

The objective behind North Star Marketing is to provide effective, quality and holistic guidance for your company's sales and marketing needs. Through having an extensive range of sales and marketing support available under one roof we can deliver efficiency savings whilst retaining the same level of quality provided by individual firm

When a small or medium sized company cannot afford their own marketing department or would like a wide range of marketing support, then North Star Marketing can help. We offer a wide range of sales, marketing and design support in-house. North Star Marketing will tailor a sales, marketing and design plan which is built around your company objectives and budget.  

What are the benefits of working with North Star Marketing?

  Time savings: deal with one company and one project manager. For updates and changes you only have to         speak to one person, at one company

  Money savings: Generally external companies have large setup fee's, which means multiple payments if            your business employs a number of different marketing companies. North Star does not charge any setup            fee's
  Communication: Through one project manager you get a consistent message across all of your marketing         and you don't have to repeat the same objectives to different people

  Flexibility: By offering a wide range of marketing, sales and design support under one roof we can tailor             our service to your needs. The best laid plans may change and North Star is ready to move with them.

Put simply, we help businesses shine. Let us help your business today.