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Pay For Results SEO


The North Star Pay For Results SEO search engine guarantee ensures we will get your website onto the top pages of Google with you only paying a monthly fee when we deliver on our promise to you.

Simply choose a minimum of 15 keywords related to your business and our expert website team will get you onto the top pages of Google (pages 1-3). That's the Pay For Results SEO guarantee. You may refer to it as Pay Per Results, Results based SEO, Pay On Results SEO or something else; essentially, you don't pay for SEO help unless we actually provide you with the rankings you want!

How companies usually charge for SEO

Some companies will charge over £5,000 per month to improve your website on Google, but with our Pay For results SEO that would never happen. The reason for the popularity of Pay For Results SEO / Pay On Success SEO is that you are guaranteed success, or you don't have to pay. It's a no risk strategy for you. At present, other SEO companies are happy to take your money and hopefully get you results. North Star delivers on its promises, or you don't pay for Search Engine Optimisation.

If we feel we can help your website and you decide to proceed with the North Star Pay Per Rank SEO campaign you will only pay when we get your keyword onto the top 3 pages of Google. The higher we get your website for your chosen phrases, the more money we would receive - this ensures we stay focussed to improve your website through UK SEO techniques.

An example of how Pay For Results SEO works: 

The minimum number of keywords is 15. John owns a plumbing company in Norwich called John's plumbers and he would like to be found on Google for the following keywords (among others);

plumber in Norwich
help with plumbing in Norwich
water leak help Norfolk

When John speaks to UK based SEO North Star Marketing his company isn't being found for any of the keywords he has chosen, however after 3 months the website is being found for a number of his keywords because of our SEO support. The first 2 months were payment free because his website was not being found high enough on Google.

The benefit of Pay For Results SEO (Pay Per Results / Rank N Pay SEO etc) is that you only pay for success. Unlike other online marketing companies, we don’t charge you for creating 

       a Facebook / Twitter page

     a list of suggestions for your 15 keywords. We also don’t charge for producing an introductory report detailing how your website currently ranks

       any rankings on Yahoo, Bing, Ask or any other search engine (these are free!)

       any keywords out with your top 15 keywords which generate enquiries (these are free too!)

       creating a blog

       custom made articles

       links on other websites

       a high page rank on your website

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