Sales support                                

North Star Marketing is on hand to support your business with our wide range of sales and marketing expertise. Our sales support empowers your team to understand and match customers' needs with the benefits of your products and services.

We provide the techniques to enable companies to engage with their current customers, acquire new opportunities and generate more income.

Our training courses are delivered by experienced sales executives, each with at least 30 years selling experience across a variety of different industries.

Some of the sales support we are on hand to deliver includes;

  Sales consultancy
  Account development strategies

  Time management for sales people

  Presentation skills

  Motivation skills

  New sales process

  Sales recruitment

  Sales assessment

  Outsourced sales management

The majority of the sales requests from current clients are bespoke; tailored to their specific company. North Star Marketing is flexible and can build a sales support package based on your business requirements, budget and timescales.
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