SEO Glasgow

SEO in GlasgowNorth Star Marketing is an SEO company based Glasgow. Ultimately, search engine optimisation doesn’t have a permanent address; it’s an international service. However in Glasgow, or even Scotland, companies seem concerned with relationships, building strong ties whilst continuing to deliver profitable online marketing. In this regard it’s very like the far East where relationships are key and contracts are worthless pieces of paper.

At North Star we help clients as far away as California (visit on company expenses… one to ponder) and as close as a company we work next door too. However, the fact is the majority of our clients are based in Scotland.

When I asked them, “why do you use an SEO company in Glasgow”, there answer wasn’t “because you’re the cheapest” or “you were high on Google for SEO”. The answer I received was because we were recommended and local; we could meet, have coffee, talk to you face to face and come direct to you with our SEO problems in your office.

This feedback came from a variety of companies across different sectors, one of which was a bluechip company which operated world-wide already. It’s fantastic that business has globalised and from an SEO perspective North Star has benefited from the world-wide online promotion industry. However, there’s a part of me glad to be from Glasgow where the cheapest price isn’t always what counts, instead it’s about value for money and building strong, long-lasting relationships to enable success to thrive.

Long live SEO in Glasgow

There are a number of SEO companies in Glasgow and each have their own way of communicating, building business, creating their brand and shouting about what they do. I’ve met some fantastic companies who really have a firm understanding of SEO principles, yet they can’t convey their unique selling points (USP’s) to their target audience. Conversely, there are companies who can drive in new business all day but can’t provide the same level of SEO service in Glasgow.

We’ve covered some of the ways SEO companies in Glasgow generate new enquiries.

Word of mouth

It won’t be a surprise to read that one of the most popular routes to generate new clients is via word of mouth. We constantly get new clients referred to us because of the high standards we set. This in turn reduces our marketing budget and helps us keep costs down (which client’s like!).

I’ve lost count of the number of companies who ask the question, “Where do you rank for the phrase ‘SEO’ on Google”. The answer is nowhere near it. There are companies who have been established for 20 years+ providing an online SEO service with huge marketing budgets striving to be top for key phrases like SEO. The client eventually pays for their marketing budget with £7,000 per month SEO campaigns.

Companies still aim to be the top for these phrases, however honesty is a valuable trait in the SEO world. Client’s don’t want to throw good money after bad chasing an impossible dream, when they could drive just as much traffic under another search term. It’s the same for an SEO company which like North Star was conceived in the last 5 years – optimise for success.


Pay Per Click is another popular route to generate SEO clients in Glasgow. I’ve spoken to a number of Glasgow SEO companies who say they regularly spend money on paid search campaigns with Google and get value for money. I’ve tried this to test the theory but in truth the enquiries proved to be short-term agreements with little substance. Yes there’s quantity but the quality didn’t seem to match up.

Off-line advertising

One SEO company in Glasgow also tried offline advertising within the national press. It’s not an area i’ve been tempted with before as i’ve thought it to be too mass market however it’s another route to

Free ways to get SEO clients

Other than word of mouth, there are free ways to generate new SEO clients and it’s exactly what North Star did when it first launched. One route as an SEO company in Glasgow to generate new clients is to look at your current client bank and offer an incentive to introduce new clients.

Secondly, you’ve probably been working for a number of years – tell people about your service and spread the word. People know people and word of mouth often spreads as long as it starts somewhere.

Finally, the most important tips to meet new SEO clients for free is to go to networking sessions and meet, speak and learn from other people. In Glasgow there are business seminars and breakfast meetings where a wide variety of companies will be eager to hear about your service.