10 Starters Tips For SEO

SEO Starter TipsIf you want to know how to get your website ranking high on Google and increase it’s traffic then we have the top 10 starters tips for SEO.

The need for companies to use search engine optimisation (SEO) has grown over the past 10 – 15 years, due to the rise of the internet. Where once we may have turned to the Yellow Pages for answers, it’s now typically Google.

We have taken the time to list 10 of the most important SEO techniques which anyone could implement.

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  • Website Design – We have seen over the years that many SEO experts spend a lot of time working on off-site SEO, however it may all be for nothing if internally your website isn’t optimised. Take time to research which keywords are actually valuable for search traffic, then implement these keywords into your page titles and descriptions. If Google is unable to read the text on your website then it’s best to fix this.
  • Evaluation: To improve your website’s SEO it’s important to understand what it’s currently doing right and wrong. Using tools such as Screaming Frog and Opensite Explorer, you can get a full picture of improvements to make.
  • Keyword Research – In order to be found in Google by your customers it’s important that you know what they will be searching for in order to add these to your website. Google’s keyword tool is excellent for checking what people actually type into the search engine – you don’t have to guess when you have the information at your fingertips.
  • Use The Correct Meta Tags – When optimising your website use keywords which you wish to rank high for on search engines in the title tags and meta descriptions. The keyword research above will help narrow down which keywords should be used most, however it’s also important they are relevant to the content on the page.
  • Unique, Descriptive Content – The old SEO saying is “content is king” and it’s as true today as it has ever been. Writing content which is unique, engaging and uses keywords which you want the website to rank high for is extremely important.
  • Dofollow Backlinks – This is one of the oldest and most important SEO techniques to date, but it will help to improve your website authority with search engines. Links from other websites are the equivalent of a recommendation – but remember it’s about quality recommendations / links, not quantity.
  • Social Media – Google has slowly increased the importance of using social media for SEO and it’s widely accepted that an active social media page will help your website rankings. Social media also has the power to increase website traffic but can act as a marketing database to promote new products or services.
  • Articles On Relevant Websites – Writing content for influential websites won’t just help reach a new audience, it can also get a high quality backlink to your website.
  • Add Website To Directories – Although directories don’t have the same power they once did, review websites and high ranking directories can still offer a powerful backlink and help increase your brand’s credibility. Having postive reviews on website’s such as yelp and yell can give some companies the edge of their competitors.
  • Regularly Update Website – A blog which discusses the latest news within your industry can also help build authority with website visitors. At Northstar Marketing we update our blog regularly with relevant and current news. This shows website visitors we’re both knowledgeable and active within our industry.

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