About Us

North Star Marketing supports a wide range of businesses across a variety of industries. We have supported large multi-national corporations and niche industry companies to help them with their design, SEO and social marketing.

The objective behind North Star Marketing is to provide an effective, quality-focused and holistic guide for your company’s sales and marketing needs. Through having an extensive range of sales and marketing support available under one roof, along with the technical know-how, we can deliver efficiency savings.

We offer a wide range of sales, marketing and design support in-house. North Star Marketing will tailor a sales, marketing and design plan which is built around your objectives and budget.

Glasgow Marketing Experts: Why North Star Marketing?

Time savings: deal with one company and one project manager. For updates and changes you only have to speak to one person, at one company.

Experience: When you partner with North Star you’re receiving our Glasgow based SEO, design and website development expertise. While we have the technical knowledge to develop you an effective strategy, we also have direct access to influence your search results in Google and on social media, with existing partnerships. These relationships can help you achieve your objectives.

Communication: Through one project manager you get a consistent message across all of your marketing and you don’t have to repeat the same message to different people.

Flexibility: By offering a wide range of marketing, sales and design support under one roof we can tailor our service to your needs.

Put simply, we help businesses shine. Let’s talk about how we can help your business today.