Big Brother: The Marketing View

Big Brother is back on our screens, albeit on Channel 5 instead of Channel 4. The show has a new presenter in Brian Dowling – voted the most popular Big Brother housemate of all time recently – instead of Davina McCall.

The launch night of Big Brother averaged 5.1 million viewers, which is down 0.4 million on the final night of Big Brother on Channel 4. The show has interesting housemates with the likes of Jedward (debatable I know), Kerry Katona and Tara Reid. It seems impossible to revitalise this show to the place it once used to be, so why is Channel 5 getting involved.

Where does Big Brother go from here?

Channel 4 decided the risk to their brand of maintaining the Big Brother brand wasn’t worth the hassle for 5 million viewers. On the other hand, Channel 5 is used to controversy in the shows they publish so the brand risk is easier to absorb. Furthermore, 5 million viewers to Channel 5 is exceptional and definitely the largest number of viewers they’ve ever had for a TV show.

Big Brother: Marketing benefit

In the product lifecycle Big Brother has passed its peak and is on the downward decline within the maturity stage. However, that didn’t bother Channel 5, there is still enough value in the ailing TV show to take a risk on it.
Channel 5 view Big Brother as the ‘Cash Cow’ which may only continue to exist for a short time but can still boost the ratings (and advertising revenue) for the TV channel.
Overall: A smart move for both Channel 5 and Big Brother


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