“Block all www.”

Google’s latest innovation is to enable a user to block all results for a particular website in the search functionality. We feel this is an excellent addition to Google and will enhance the user’s control of what they are exposed to within Google search.

We’ve taken a screen shot to explain what we mean by “Block all”.

Block all WWW.

How does Block all work?

Block all is part of the new Google algorithm which monitors your search on Google, records you entering a website and if you automatically leave the website (click back) within a short space of time you will see the block all comment. Effectively Google is trying to help you find the most appropriate content on it’s search engine, so now it’s a case of “fool me once, shame on you” but you won’t be fooling me again!

Block all and SEO

Despite the excellent potential within ‘block all’ we’ve also got reservations about this new feature. For instance, will block help Google determine future search rankings? If a website has a high number of “blocks” does that mean their website is reaching the wrong audience or could competitors being causing havoc with a popular online website?

I would hope, and in fact expect, block all is merely for the individual user as opposed to being used to populate future search results on Google, however let’s wait and see.


    1. Avatar for Northstar Company Registration Delhi : January 3, 2013 at 7:22 am

      Interesting. Your instructions look clear but I’m not very good at this so I hope this will work well for me. Thanks for the tips! 🙂

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