Marketing Success - What's New?

Everybody wants their business to market products and services effectively with a keen eye on return on investment. It makes for a sound business, but building a marketing strategy is about trial and error – there’s a scientific process.  Finding the right message and promoting it at the right time is a challenging process and it requires patience and a methodical system. In one instance, we found that advertising was 300% more effective when the times of the adverts were moved to later in the evening. Refining your message, advertising techniques and......

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E-commerce website

Yesterday, I spoke to my sister who told me a funny story and it got me thinking. The story involves my niece – who is 5 and only recently started school – had used her own tablet to order 3 toys from Amazon, which made me think, e-commerce websites should be designed to be child’s play. Of course, nobody wants their child emptying a bank account to buying the latest Paw Patrol toys or Frozen dolls, but websites should be that easy to use. My niece would have had to open the Amazon......

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