Arta String Quartet

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After 3 months of SEO support, Arta were on page 1 of Google for:

  • String Quartet Scotland
  • String Quartet Edinburgh
  • String Quartet Glasgow

Among other similar phrases.

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Arta String Quartet was referred to Northstar Marketing to promote their newly branded website, Arta String Quartet. After years of successfully optimising their original website, Erskine String Quartet, the business had developed their latest website alongside a re-brand which was more inclusive to their target audience.

While the original website ranked on page one of Google for their key phrases, the newly launched site was on page 10 or lower. The objective was to help the website rank on Google’s organic search for the same phrases within a period of 3 months.

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As with all short term campaigns we identify where the greatest efforts are required and assessed the competitive nature of the search terms we wished to rank highly for. We focussed our marketing efforts targeting the on-site SEO originally. So we optimised each page with fresh title tags and descriptions. We then checked broken links and images without an ALT tag. Thereafter, we created internal links, where appropriate, to enhance the user experience.

In our competitor benchmarking we identified where other link-minded websites were receiving positive links and devised a strategy with Arta to create our own link building strategy.

Northstar Marketing have been invaluable to me over the past few months. Having paid thousands to Google Adwords over the past 5 years or so, I wanted to improve the organic listing of both of my websites. Thanks to 3 months of dedicated SEO work from Northstar, both websites now rank consistently on the 1st page of Google for my chosen keywords. This has in turn of course increased my client enquiries. Northstar have also stayed in touch since to make sure the results continue to improve and have offered other valuable suggestions in relation to website relevance, ranking and back-linking. This has saved me a lot of money and allowed me to explore and focus on other advertising avenues including through social media. Northstar are very on-hand, approachable and always keep the lines of communication open. They will go above and beyond to ensure that they achieve the results that you want. There are no hidden or running costs either, meaning that you simply pay by the month, and only for the time period that you have agreed to (3 months in my case). I can't recommend them highly enough, especially to anyone who wants to improve the organic web presence of their business.

Dan, Arta String Quartet