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300% return on investment from the first campaign

Over 50,000,000 unique views on our social media posts

Increased following on the client’s social media accounts

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One of our most exciting projects to date was when the multi-national betting company, William Hill, got in touch to talk social media. The company had an impressive social media presence but required our support to target niche audiences, predominantly within specific regions.

The project objective was to drive increased traffic to William Hill’s social media pages and increase subscriptions to their service. This required Northstar’s social media team to manage a significant marketing budget and liaise with multiple parties to ensure the campaign was delivered seamlessly. Through our experience, existing relationships and targeted campaign, we were able to deliver on the campaign objectives.

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The campaign began by identifying social media accounts with similar affiliations to William Hill. At Northstar, we ourselves own and manage a range of social media accounts in a variety of industries. This, coupled with our pre-existing relationships, ensured the campaign would become a success.

We structured an initial two month campaign where we made recommendations and wrote social media posts relevant to the campaign objective. Each post was time sensitive and had to be released to the right audience at the perfect moment.

Northstar's management of the campaign was excellent; liaising with accounts, managing posts and coordinating the campaign to maximise the social media impact.

G. Bernstein, William Hill