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Everybody is looking for risk free marketing, that being, marketing which could generate profitable revenue. Promotion as part of a marketing strategy is typically a risk / reward dilemna – there is never a guarantee that the promotion you do will work. Risk Free Marketing? In a recession you would be forgiven for thinking the best route to take would be to ‘wait and see’ what happens before promoting your business. The problem with this strategy is that your business will be losing valuable ground on competitors who decide to drive forward......

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search engine optimisation options

Search Engine Optimisation is the process where a website is promoted on the search engines to meet specific goals (increase brand, generate more enquiries etc). You can search engine optimise your own website so a marketing consultancy is not necessarily required. If you do decide to use a search engine marketing company you can expect to be given a detailed explanation of the work conducted on your website. We’ll go into ways you can improve your website with search engine optimisation shortly. North Star Marketing Support is a flexible provider of Search......

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Why does SEO Take so Long

Let’s start with the basics, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is about getting your website to rank on the top pages of Google for your chosen keywords. Presumably, this will help a company, individual, group etc with their objectives, which will mainly be to increase the number of leads they receive and in turn make more profit. In some instances, your objectives may be to increase awareness of an issue, which again SEO can support. 1. Number of competitors: There are millions of companies optimising their website. Your competitors will be carrying our......

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