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Marketing your proposition to key targets takes time and time costs money, and as the great film itself claims “Money never sleeps”. How can you get your proposition to numerous people, engaging with them and in the end improving your profitable opportunities? Well, he’s our thought… use modern day technology. Below, is a presentation detailing exactly what North Star Marketing can do for small to medium sized companies. This enables potential customers to get a feel for what can be offered, allowing them to sample the services North Star provides and get......

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Good CRM Tips

The Importance of Good CRM

CRM refers to Customer Relationship Marketing; an innovative method to manage customers through streamlined processes, maintaining relevant data and using the information to offer profitable products which will enhance the lives of your customers. The Process of CRM Understanding and managing your customers doesn’t just happen, it takes time, planning, research and an carefully thought through implementation plan. Once this is completed, the decision has to be taken how best to use the information – it’s no goo having the data but not using it to the best of your companies ability.......

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