Congratulations British Gas!

Yesterday we wrote about British Gas and their £2.5 million fine for poor customer service.

We’re pleased British Gas won’t be losing sleep over their slap on the wrists. British Gas, a Centrica owned company, has reported operating profits of £1.3bn. Amazingly, this is down 19% on the same period last year.
This 19% drop may coincide with the 18% price increase British Gas has applied to their customers from August.
The price increase is coming at a time when people in the UK are struggling to afford to heat their homes. A campaign for pensioners has begun called “Heat or eat” to raise awareness of the dilemma faced by some of the most vulnerable people living in society.
Greedy Companies
British Gas is running the risk of losing customers and being socially outcast for what seems like pure greed. The business model is profitable, but for how long. British Gas must do more to tell us why they charge so much for their product, why they think making this level of profit is acceptable and our Government should be regulating this industry far tighter to ensure fuel-poverty is eradicated.


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