Content Is King….Especially On Social Media

The saying “content is king” has been popular with SEO for many years, but it’s equally true of social media and it’s important to understand the type and amount of content required.

Social media has become big business and is extremely useful when trying to create quick promotions, get feedback and ultimately increase turnover.

Understanding the right tips and tricks to run your social media account could make the difference between engaging potential customers or turning them away.

Growing A Social Media Account

The first thing to remember when growing a social media account is knowing your audience and understanding exactly what they are looking for.

The ideally situation is generally to have regular posts being published on a daily basis which are engaging users and subtly encourages them to share your content.

Some simple questions to always remember when posting on social media are,

  • Who is this benefiting?
  • Who is this targeted at?
  • Does this add value?
  • Is this unique?

The best posts on social media will meet all the right criteria, meet the needs of the users, will be unique and it will be something which users will want their friends or family to see.

Type of Social Media Content

The type of social media content you choose to post will determine it’s reach and engagement, because putting it simply, some types of posts do better than others.

Videos on social media will have a greater potential to reach and engage more users, while links to external websites have the lowest potential.

If we consider the questions we should have when posting on social media and compare that to videos vs links, it’s easy to understand why one is far greater for engaging users.

Videos stand out, they are easy to consume and likely to be more unique than a news link. Even if the subject of a link is something of interest to a user, they may not wish to be redirected to another website at that time and be taken off of social media.

Social Media Plan

Understand the types of content and message which will engage users, post regularly and at times which your followers are likely to be online.

Completing your profile with a comprehensive bio, website link, bright logo which will stands out when users are flicking through their timeline.

For more information about creating a social media marketing plan for your business, contact Northstar Marketing Support on 0844 318 038.

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