E-Commerce Websites – So Easy It’s Child’s Play

Yesterday, I spoke to my sister who told me a funny story and it got me thinking. The story involves my niece – who is 5 and only recently started school – had used her own tablet to order 3 toys from Amazon, which made me think, e-commerce websites should be designed to be child’s play.

Of course, nobody wants their child emptying a bank account to buying the latest Paw Patrol toys or Frozen dolls, but websites should be that easy to use.

My niece would have had to open the Amazon app (ok, i know it’s not a website but go with me), find the toys she liked, add it to the basket, before checking out and yet she has only just started school.

This raises some interesting points about the design and function of e-commence websites and the buying process which they implement.

Easy To Use: E-Commerce Web Design

Using the Amazon app and website, as an example of a well designed and intelligently thought out structure, we can see how simple an e-commerce website/app should be to use.

On the Amazon app you can choose to stay signed in and have bank details stored, making each visit quick and easy to make a purchase (even for a 5 yr old).

Each product is ordered by category and once you’ve selected your chosen category the process only gets easier, with items listed in a grid format and large buttons below them.

The large, orange buttons and product pictures mean you don’t even need to be able to read or write to understand what you want and how to order.

I suspect my niece felt like a kid in a toy shop, but was probably navigating through amazon using a mixture of guess work and assumption, based upon what she was seeing.

The Amazon buying process was so simple she simply had to find the category, look for what she wanted, click the order button and click checkout.

Secure E-Commerce Websites & Apps

This should also be a warning to anyone who saves bank details on a website or app. Ensure payment details are secure within the device or login details are not stored.

Mobile phones, tablets and other devices can be lost or stolen, so it’s vital as much security as possible is in place to stop people misusing them.

While I was a little proud that my niece was capable and intelligent enough to make the purchase, she was of course warned to never do it again.

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