Facebook Ads: Generate Leads For Your Business

Facebook ads can help you generate new leads for your business by advertising on the social media platform.  The advertising allows you to target down to the age of an individual, their interests and circumstances.

The leads form ensures you can maximise your marketing spend and capture information to increase awareness or sales for your organisation.

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Facebook lead generation campaigns have the benefit of being highly measurable. The success is based on the cost per lead, how many leads become opportunities and, most importantly, sales. It’s a direct method of measuring success.

One campaign we produced in the past month was highly targeted and generated leads through the Facebook enquiry form. 208 leads were generated over a three week period at a cost of £4.48 per lead.  The campaign generated the necessary leads whilst also raising awareness of the brand in the process.

Facebook Ads Lead Generation Results

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We’ve been advertising on Facebook for some time now and there are some tips we have to maximise the success of your campaign.

  • The message – It’s vital your advert captures the viewers attention and peaks their interest. They should then have a desire for the product, service or deal being offered so they can then take action and enquire for more information.
  • The audience – Targeting the correct audience, with the right message at the perfect time is everything. Is your target audience working 9am-5pm but take their lunch break between 12pm – 2pm? You may want to consider only advertising between these times and after 5pm when your audience can take the time to consider your message. One of the main mistakes is to over target or inaccurately target your audience.
  • Advertising positioning – Do you want your advert to show on Instagram or on the right hand side of Facebook? Would you only want the advert to show in the newsfeed? You can select which options are best for your campaign.
  • Objectives – Are your objectives correct? Do you want to generate leads, raise awareness or promote an offer? Setting the right objective for your campaign is essential.
  • Budgeting – The campaign can be setup as a daily or lifetime budget. Your lifetime budget requires you to set a start and end date. Remember, you can have multiple campaigns running simultaneously with different budgets. This can be useful if you’re targeting different people with different messages.
  • Test your ad – You can create multiple Facebook ads within a single campaign (as long as the objectives are the same) to test which ad is performing better. You can learn a lot about your audience from this.
[subtitle heading=”3″ subtitle_content=”Limitations of Facebook Ads”]

There are two obvious limitations with the current setup for Facebook lead generation and it’s something Facebook will hopefully address soon. When you advertise on the Facebook platform and your target audience views the advert they can decide that they want more information or to proceed.

Facebook Lead OptionsThe first limitation is the buttons on the advert, you have options like “learn more”, “sign up”, “apply now”, “download”, “get quote” and “subscribe”. But, for a lot of campaigns the words on the buttons don’t accurately reflect the message, brand or service.

The second limitation is that leads don’t get emailed to the user. Instead, the lead sits in a database which can be downloaded from Facebook in a CSV file. It’s a security and data protection policy, but it can mean you have to check your enquiries regularly to ensure you’re keeping leads hot!

While these limitations are frustrating, Facebook advertising is one of the most targeted approaches you can take. You can select your specific audience, tailor your message and maximise your budget because you’re only advertising to people in your ideal demographic.

[subtitle subtitle_content=”Facebook Lead Ads Example”]

Let’s say I owned a dog grooming business in Bearsden, Glasgow. I want to increase subscriptions to my newsletter about dog grooming. I could direct people to my website and ask them to find the newsletter subscription section and leave their details. However, that requires people to leave Facebook, which is known to reduce conversion rates and can be more expensive.

Instead, I’ll create a lead form attached to my advert which requires the user to leave their name and email address. Facebook automatically inserts some information – if it’s known – which alleviates the typing for the user and increases conversions.

This process can be used for more direct advertising too. I could use the lead form to gather enquiries from people that want their dog groomed and follow up to book appointments.

To target this audience I’ve included people in the Bearsden and close surrounding area. I’ve also segmented my audience by only showing the advert to people who are interested in “dogs”, “I love my dog” or “dog grooming”. You could spend longer targeting, but this just how’s an example of the audience. There are an estimated 270,000 people you could target across Facebook and Instagram.

Dog Grooming Facebook

Facebook Ads For Your Organisation?

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