Free SEO Health Check

Ever wonder how your website compares to your competitors? What improvements could be made to enhance your visibility with search engines and gain more traffic? Just interested to get an understanding of how you could generate more leads? Well, the answer is simple.

Our completely FREE, no obligation SEO health check up gives you the latest insight into your website. You can request your free SEO audit by submitting your details below:

FREE SEO Audit: What’s The Catch?

We use the latest tools to review your website on search engines. While it would be useful to check your Google Analytics, it’s not essential to give you a detailed audit. The SEO health check is about giving you the power to make informed decisions about the marketing of your website.

Using jargon free language, we explain what’s good about your website and areas which could be improved. We even show you how to go about making the changes.

So, the answer is; there is no catch. We don’t ask for anymore details than are required in the enquiry form, we don’t need login details, credit card information or anything else. We’ll get to work on your audit and send you the SEO report, typically within 24 working hours. And, it’s completely FREE.

What’s Included In the SEO Health Check?

We start by assessing a number of different factors in your website, which are important for search engines like Google.

  • Domain authority – How powerful is your website
  • Backlinks – Which websites are currently linking to your and what’s their spam score. Too many spammy links aren’t great!
  • Website structure – How is your website built and are there any issues where Google can’t find your pages?
  • Metadata – These are your titles and descriptions for each page. We assess to see that they are both present and relevant for your website and that specific page
  • Internal links – Are you linking well between your existing pages?
  • Alt Tags – Search engines struggle to read images but you can add alternative text to describe the image and have it listed in search engines.
  • Keyword report – Where does your website currently rank on search engines, like Google, for specific search terms?
  • Broken links check – Have you added links years ago on your website to external sites that no longer exist? These links hurt your rankings, but our report will show you where these broken links exist.

If you have any specific requests we can also check these for you. If you have any questions about the free SEO health check, why not get in touch? Call us on 0845 318 0381 or email