Facebook Advertising

One of the most influential and targeted approaches to marketing is via Facebook advertising. At Northstar, our Glasgow marketing team love it. There are few advertising mediums that allow you to target audiences based on likes, interests, family composition, income and a number of other factors, like Facebook can.

Whether you want to raise attention to your page, generate interest in an event or use Facebook to produce leads, our Glasgow based marketing team can help.

We’ve managed Facebook and Instagram campaigns with a variety of different budgets and marketing objectives. We start by listening to your requirements and complete a fact find before beginning to build your campaign. Once the campaign is live we monitor it closely to ensure it’s performing correctly and evaluate if changes are required.  When the campaign is concluded, we assess how it’s performed and tweaks and improvements that could be made.

Unfortunately, other social media platforms are not as advanced in terms of advertising, so while we can advertise on social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, we don’t believe it represents value for money and don’t provide this as a service.

Benefits of Facebook Advertising

  • Target specific demographics: Facebook can target people on age, location, workplace or even likes and dislikes
  • Grow Your Social Media Account: Even if a user doesn’t click on your website, they may like your page and visit at a later date
  • Increase Brand Awareness: Facebook has a large audience and it’s a great tool to grow brand awareness when promoting new products 0r services
  • Variety of Budget Options: It’s possible to spend very little on Facebook advertising and still get excellent results, this is due to the many different budget options
  • Substantial Analytics: It’s possible to find out a lot of information about the people who engage with a Facebook advert
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