Google Chairman Visits Scotland

Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt give the MacTaggart lecture in Edinburgh today, the first person outside the broadcasting industry to do so. He is expected to explain that Google needs help to realise the full extent of broadcasting and video technology. We reported on Google purchasing Motorola to last week to enhance their mobile technology abilities.

Google has switched position with the broadcasting industry as they look to strengthen the relationship following negative publicity after alleged copyright infringement. Schmidt believes collectively the broadcasting industry and Google could benefit with a joint partnership. It’s been anticipated Google will place more emphasis towards video content within search results in the future as a result.

Innovation has been at the heart of Google’s success creating digitalised mapping, Google Earth, shopping and custom search results, among many others.


We are cyncial about Google’s intention, as I suspect the broadcasting companies at the MacTaggart lecture will be too. Google’s annual revenue is £18bn and controls 85 % of the search engine market. Google has been involved in legal battles because of Youtube with a $1bn legal challenge still outstanding. The alleged copyright of videos, music and other protected content means Google could be opening their cheque book shortly to pay compensation.

The TV and broadcasting industry is concerned their industries may be at risk as a result of the online platforms owned by Google. Schmidt aims to reassure TV executives today that Google will fight against copyright infrigment.

We could see more advertising across all mediums if Google and TV execs decide to partner together.


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