Google Merchant Account Suspended

The worst has happened and Google Merchant has suspended your account?! You’re not the first person to say that this is a problem and we understand at Northstar Marketing just how frustrating it can be! Google Merchant does this – you’re not alone.

So, let’s summarise for the fortunate people who have yet to go through this traumatic experience. You were advertising on Google Merchant centre and you’ve been kicked off. They’ve sent you a message to explain that you have breached their terms and conditions. Your account was profitably producing leads and now you’ve been outcast to the wilderness? It does some familiar.

We had a client recently in exactly this predicament. Their story is similar and they were consistently receiving notices that Google had suspended their account – like they needed reminding! However, we fixed the problem and they are back advertising on Google’s shopping network.

Wait… You Changed Google’s Mind?!

Well yes and no, mainly no! It’s often hard to change Google’s position once they have rejected your Merchant account, however we did identify the problem, make the necessary amendments and rectify the situation.

Google Merchant Rejection

The problem was that Google’s terms and conditions are difficult to decipher, although comprehensive. Our client had approached us for help and told us about their problems with Google Merchant centre. We knew that Google Merchant centre could be troublesome, but could be resolved. We ourselves had an account in a similar situation.

One of the most frustrating elements with Google Merchant centre is that Google employees don’t specifically know why a website has been removed and rejected. In this scenario, our client had been advertising with Google Adwords for 3 months, it had been successful and when they received the email above from Google they were baffled. They spent weeks trying to resolve the problem internally, but were told there was nothing that could be done to re-instate the account. Google’s own staff said it was because they were promoting alcohol and were not allowed to do so in the UK. However, other UK based companies were able to promote their alcohol on Google shopping, so that didn’t seem fair.

Sometimes the smallest change can rectify the situation and that’s exactly how we resolved the problem. You can read Google’s terms and conditions on their website for more clarification.

How do you un-suspend a Google Merchant account?

Obviously it depends on your product which you are selling, but there are ways to un-suspend your Google Merchant account. We’ve experienced this problem before and there’s always been different reasons why the account was blocked, in this case, it was a simple technical error on the website.

Google’s own policy for shopping accounts mean that certain criteria has to be met in order for the Merchant centre to remain active. The client had made a change to their website and upon review it no longer met Google’s terms and conditions.

The change they made was to add an email capture form at the footer of their website from a third party application. This meant that their website went from being a secure connection (HTTPS) to an unsecure connection. As payment details are being gathered in the shopping process, Google views this as unacceptable.

Once the software was removed we re-submitted the account to Google for review and within 48 hours the Google Merchant Centre account was live and active again.


Are you experiencing the same issues and did this advice help? Leave a comment below to let us know!


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