Google Review Rating System

Google implemented the review rating system some time ago. It enables customers to review your product / service on an external website. The website will provide Google with the data which is will tie up to your website. The reviews will then be collated into a rating system which could benefit your business.

The release of the +1 system will more than likely be a conflict of interest for Google as it manages two rating systems, granted +1 is more social.

Check your Google Review Rating

Type the following code, or click the link in a new address bar:

Remove and replace it with your website address. You will now be able to see all of the reviews Google has for your business.

Third-party Review Rating Websites

There are a number of review rating websites where people can review your business. The main review rating websites we have found are;

– Trustpilot

– Viewpoints

– Review Centre




– TrustE-marketing

– Reviewstream

Do Reviews make a Difference for SEO?

Any of the Pay For Results SEO team at North Star will tell you reviews make a difference to your website activity, both through the word of mouth process and SEO benefits.

Google has developed a system to counter act fake reviews by reviewing the IP address of people leaving reviews. As a result, we would definitely recommend creating genuine reviews and speaking to a SEO specialist about how to go about best optimising your website with reviews.


    1. I would want to know more about the Google plus one system and the benefits it offers to SEO,the only clue I have is that it is more engaging.

    2. Avatar for Northstar North Star Marketing : October 21, 2011 at 8:37 am

      Hi Austin

      It’s an interesting concept Google +1. I’ve already witnessed websites with over 1,000 +1’s and they have shot to the top of Google, despite only being 18 months old. The evidence is far from conclusive but we’re tracking it to better understand what it’s actually providing.

    3. Avatar for Northstar Company Registration Delhi : January 3, 2013 at 7:31 am

      It is really good to visit to your post guys as we can get new information about Google+ , Thanks for this nice and very informative post.

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