Google’s new product definitely isn’t an instant winner

The latest release from the global giant Google is “Google Instant”.

Google’s new offering uses its knowledge to guess from your initial characters the remaining information, similar to predictive texting on the mobile phone. For example, “Holi” will become holiday. Google claims to be pushing the limits of technology… i’m still to be convinced it’s the online support we all need!

My problem with the Google instant system is this;

1. Google search is already very quick… how can they improve it (by a couple seconds??). I’m sure i’ll survive with typing in the full search term!

2. Google is already helping us when we mis-spell terms – “Did you mean”, do we really need Google telling us what we think we’re looking for?

3. The Google instant process uses processing power and makes your computer stutter while it searches the Google bank of options.

P.s. when you type “Google instant” into Google’s search engine you get “Google instant doesn’t work” – at least we know it’s independent!


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