Google’s targets quality over quantity

Google has implemented changes to its world famous algorithm in an attempt to improve customer experience.

Hundreds of online advertisers are expected to suffer as Google penalises companies who deliver a bad user experience. They are also considering introducing reviews alongside search results.

In principle these changes should be welcomed, however it’s important to recognise this is not a flawless plan.

There are valuable companies who may not focus on excellent user experiences, instead they are a local or price focussed business. For example, Ryanair and Easyjet have revolutionised the airline industry and offer a valuable, low cost alternative to air travel. In this example, British Airways are likely to offer the best user experience, however for most UK residents they would prefer the cheaper option.

Even if a company does offer the best user experience it’ll be interesting to see how Google combats rogue reviews. In any event, marketing companies will be interested to see what opportunities exist here.


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