How To Add An Admin Team On Twitter

It’s often believed that Twitter doesn’t have an option to add users as admin to an account, but that hasn’t been the case for a while.

Although Facebook were first to allow pages to have a team of admin, Twitter since at least 2015 has let accounts be managed by multiple users, without sharing the account password.

Adding a team of admin can be essential for businesses to manage their account, post regularly and share the responsibility of contributing to their social media account.

How To: Add Admin To Twitter Account

In order to add an admin, sign in to Twitter and then go to On the left hand side you will see a variety of options, but for now all we need is “accounts”. This will open up a new tab which will have a few options, including “manage team” which you should click.

Setup Admin On Twitter

This will open up with a box which allows you to type the username of the Twitter account which you wish to add as an admin. Once added there will be the option to change the user’s role from the default option of contributor to admin. Although we should stress, giving admin access will allow a user to change the account password and the admin team.

Twitter manage team

Why Have An Admin Team On Twitter?

Large companies will usually employee staff in-house or hire a company, such as Northstar Marketing, to run their social media accounts.

Giving out a password to a company Twitter account creates obvious security problems, but being able to add a team of admin without putting the account at risk is the ideal solution.

The team of Twitter admin can post, retweet other accounts and ensure content is posted regularly, which in turn helps increase engagement and grow follower numbers.

Tweetdeck also comes with other excellent features, including the ability to schedule tweets for a future date and time, making it easy to still posting during the weekends or night time.

If your company requires a team to manage it’s social media marketing speak to Northstar today about how we can help your business stand out.


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