How To Unsuspend Your Twitter Account

You’ve been on Twitter for a few years, you’ve built up a large following, maybe you’re using it to promote your business, then all of a sudden it gets suspended.

Recently one of our SEO clients contacted us to explain their Twitter account had been suspended and they didn’t know how to get it back again.

There are steps you can take when Twitter makes the decision to suspend your account, which is exactly what we done for our client.

Submit an Appeal

Understanding why an account got suspended is the first step in getting it back into good standing with the social media website.

Our client had received an email from Twitter advising them a copyright claim had been made against their account.

Suspended Twitter Account Email

In the section we have blacked out due to privacy reasons, you will normally see the name of the organisation who have submitted the copyright claim.

The first step we took was to submit an appeal with Twitter, however this simply resulted in our client receiving an automated email confirming the account was suspended.

Should the reason for the account suspension be something other than a copyright infringement, the response may be different and Twitter may require more information. Any email received should be answered as quickly as possible.

Request Retraction

Something which is unique about an account which suspended of copyright violations is that there is another option which can help restore the account.

We Contacted the company who made the copyright claim and asked them to make a retraction on the basis it was completely accidental and we promised it wouldn’t  happen again. This yielded much greater success and we got a message advising us they has contacted to retract their claim.

Even though a retraction is made, this does not mean Twitter will simply unsuspended your account and will often require a manual review. Some people claim when Twitter support receives an email it will automatically reset your ticket to the bottom of the system, so patience will be required.

Getting Your Twitter Account Unsuspended

There is no guarantee that the above steps will result in an account being unsuspended and in some case you may need to simply wait it out until your sentence has been spent, while other times accounts will be suspended forever.

Taking these steps can help speed up and unsuspend Twitter accounts, but remember, the social media company will work at their own pace so be wary not to try and rush them and have patience.


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