Importance of Video For Social Media Marketing

In the world of social media marketing it can feel like you’re fighting against the tide of big companies with unlimited budgets, but videos have incredible potential to grab users attention and stand out from the crowd.

One of our client’s at Northstar Marketing is an estate and lettings agency, and they’ve seen some huge benefits from using videos in their social media campaigns.

Their engagement rates have increased, they have had more enquires and their social media accounts have grown quickly.

Benefits of Using Video On Social Media

  • Increase Engagement: According to a study by Locowise, native Facebook videos (videos uploaded directly) are the most engaging type of post a page can publish, with the average video post reaching 12.05% of their audience, while photos were second at 11.63%.
  • Attention Grabbing: One reason videos are more engaging is likely to be because they will grab the attention of social media users much better than any other type of post.
  • Increase Sales: Increased engagement has certainly proved to help increase enquiries and sales with our client, and this matches examples you will find from a large number of organisations.

Videos on Different Social Media Platforms

There are some key differences between posting videos on different social media platforms which should be remembered.

In some cases, videos which do well on Facebook may not be so successful on Twitter or Instagram but a few tweaks can fix this problem.

On Facebook there is no limit on video length, however the study by Locowise did find 15 seconds or less was the ideal amount before it was no longer engaging users.

Twitter has a video length of 2 minutes 20 seconds, this means that long videos may not work, however you could consider trimming videos in the Twitter app, so long as the video will still be relevant.

Instagram has the shortest restriction on video length at 1 min, again videos can be trimmed within their app, however this may make it harder to keep the post relevant.

YouTube again has no limit, however it should be pointed out that it’s not advised to use links from YouTube directly onto other social media websites, if it can be helped, as these posts have a much more reduced engagement rate.

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