Influencer Marketing Expected To Be Worth $10bn in 2 Years

Influencer marketing has been growing significantly for many years now, but thanks to Jessica Bevilacqua & Elizabeth Del Giudice at St Joseph’s Communications, we can now see the sector figures in an infographic.

After gathering data from numerous sources, the infographic was created and shows the influencer market could be worth $10bn by 2020, up from $2bn in 2017.

Although the figures are in dollars, the point being highlighted about the growth of the market is certainly one that will reflect globally.

Influencer Marketing Stats infographic

In the release of the infographic, Jessica Bevilacqua & Elizabeth Del Giudice point out:

“With 39% of marketers planning to increase their influencer marketing budget in 2018, and 19% planning to spend over $100,000 per program, the growing importance of this industry is apparent.”

The return of investment for companies using influencer marketing is extremtly high, with an average of $6.50 earned for every $1 spent on their campaign.

Why Does Influencer Marketing Work?

To put it simply, people trust those who they follow and often look up to or aspire to become, making an endorsement from these accounts extremely powerful.

Advertising has become white noise for most people when they browser the internet or social media, but influencer marketing breaks through the apathy for traditional advertising.

When a celebrity or even a large social media account endorses a product, it tells their followers it’s something they will like as well, rather than simply advertising its features and benefits.

Start An Influencer Marketing Campaign

At Northstar Marketing we run influencer marketing campaigns for a number of companies using some influencer accounts we own and working with others which we have contacted on behalf of our clients.

Influencer marketing in our experience has seen an incredibly significant rise in enquires and sales for our clients, as well as raising their brand awareness.

If you would like to know more information about building an influencer marketing campaign for your business to help increase sales and enhance your brand, contact us on 0844 318 0381 or email us at

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