Innocent smoothie: A con or good business?

Innocent Smoothie is experiencing a backlash against their move to resize their drinks cartons. Previously, a 1 litre carton of Innocent Smoothie would retail at £2.79. Innocent claims their drinks are cheaper per mililitre, especially in their new 1.25 litre carton.

Consumers have complained about the repackaging tactic, describing it as “Sneaky and disappointing”.

Intelligent Innocent

I happen to think Innocent’s move, whilst unpopular amongst a small faction of Innocent customers, is proving to be an intelligent move.

The cost of transportation and raw materials (fruit) for Innocent has increased. This will be placing increased pressure on operating their service profitably. The two sized packaging options mean people can continue to enjoy Innocent Smoothie, the company can continue to trade profitably and the brand will live on throughout the recession.

Granted it may lose a few customers along the way.


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