Internet Marketing: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The web is frequently referenced as a source of knowledge, innovation and opportunities on an infinite scale.

I’ve lost count of the number of times a client has said to me “SEO must be the answer, once you get to number 1 you can stop”. Marketers and savvy business leaders reading this post will understand the problem and if you’re a business thinking “What’s wrong with that” then please read on as this post could be useful for you…

The internet is one of the most important inventions of the 21st Century – it has meant people can communicate when they want to, how they want to and for a price they want. The perfect business.

The problem?

Most people are involved in the internet; it’s an ever evolving machine driving business, personal communication & social experiences. This means it’s difficult for good, differentiating businesses to be heard over the noise of the thousand other online companies screaming “Pick me!!”

For one client I updated their page heading 5 weeks ago and it has still not changed on Google. This means Google has not crawled the site in the last 5 weeks so any improvements we’ve made won’t show up. As a consultant able to deliver real benefits that causes our clients and North Star Marketing a problem- it almost looks like we’ve done nothing. The same can be said for the directory DMOZ – a great directory but unpredictable as to when your listing will be reviewed!

However, how many successful internet start up businesses have there been? Distribution and sales strategy has been revolutionised due to the web and the social experience has exploded.

The Summary

The internet is too important to ignore for companies, but any business putting all of their eggs in one basket or expecting miracle results in less than 6 month’s need to re-evaluate their marketing strategy.

Successful business is about niche marketing, targeting end users and profitable growth. There will be more successful web businesses in the future but it’ll predominantly be because their entire marketing strategy, not just online, has been tailored to their target customers.

I should also note that I’m stressing this point on the internet… ironic?

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