JD Wetherspoon Call Time On Social Media, Raising Some Big Questions

The popular pub chain, JD Wetherspoons, has called time on it’s social media accounts and it’s chairman has hinted the reason is due to the effect the websites are having on society.

Another reason maybe the impact which JD Wetherspoon believe social media has had on the pub industry. last year Wetherspoon chairman, Tim Martin, said he has seen a change in the way people socialise,

“When I was at school and university and for some years after that, if you wanted to socialise you had to get out of the house and see people and the main place that people met up was the pub. But now people can socialise online in their own home.”

While the vast majority of companies are flocking to social media in a bid to get their brand and products recognised & purchased by consumers, JD Wetherspoon have decided they don’t need the social websites.

In a statement posted on the official JD Wetherspoon Twitter account this morning they said,

“In a world of social media, JD Wetherspoon has decided to close down all Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts for individual pubs and head office,”

“Rather than using social media, we will continue to release news stories and information about forthcoming events on our website (jdwetherspoon.com) and in our printed magazine – Wetherspoon News.

“If you’ve been active in contacting us through social media, please continue to feed back at your local pub or via customer services, through our website.”

Clearly this still leaves a lot of questions over their decision, however the Chairman, Tim Martin, did point out,

“It’s becoming increasingly obvious that people spend too much time on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and struggle to control the compulsion.”

Could JD Wetherspoons Regret Shunning Social Media?

Well, this is an interesting story because in theory the answer is probably no, however it may eventually have an impact on profits.

The truth is JD Wetherspoon never really used their social media to great effect and never maximised its potential, probably due to the fact they didn’t believe in it. This was reiterated by a spokesman today, who said,

“We’re not bothered by social media. It’s like the smoking ban – publicans spent ages moaning about it. You just get on with it.”

If JD Wetherspoon did embrace social media, they may have capitalised more on viral tweets such as that of the young girl, Perri Nicole.

Perri was at a Wetherspoons in Maidenhead, however she didn’t have any money to buy drinks. What Perri did have was a smart idea. Get people on social media to buy her drinks using the Wetherspoon app, and what happened next went viral.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

In the above case we can see an example of how social media actually helped put money into the tills of a Wetherspoons pub and if social media was fully embraced by the company then who knows what impact it could have had.

Wetherspoons is known for being cheap and cheerful, which means its lack of social media may not impact it in the near future, however it would be surprising if they don’t at some point re-join.

Wetherspoons leaving social media has made others ask whether this is a new trend which other companies may follow, especially after the recent scandal involving Facebook data being sold to private companies.

The truth is, social media is where customers are and whilst that remains the case, then most businesses will use social networks to reach out and market to them instantly.

The speed in which a new promotion can be marketed and the low costs involved, make social media one of the best marketing tools available to businesses.

Customers can leave reviews, make recommendations to their friends, find out about deals which in turn generate extra sales for companies, or just get free drinks from strangers via social media.

If you would like to know more about creating a social media marketing plan for your business, contact Northstar Marketing Support on 0844 318 0381 or alternatively email contact@northstarmarketingsupport.

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