Kinect Technology – A New Direction

We’re divided here at Marketing Musings – Kinetic technology, is it the future or just a fad. At this festive time of the season, Kinetic technology has come to the forefront of our lives, so much so, people can now buy computer consoles where the user is the controller.

Some believe the Kinect technology can be used in more than just gaming and expanded to make life easier or more enjoyable. You can use your voice to control the games already which seems like an excellent tool if it can be replicated across other areas.

On the other hand, many people who have played the xbox Kinect rate it as a poor experience and that the ability will never be there to do the things we want.

The stats say…

In our recent poll 38% said you thought Kinect technology was the future, 29% said it was another gimmick and would fade away whilst 33% said you weren’t sure.

The technology is still advancing and the real benefits are yet to be revealed.


We thought we’d lend a hand to products we’d like to see with the Kinect technology.

1. Putting the kettle on with your voice
2. When you lose the TV remote you can use Kinect to change channel
3. In the car – don’t ever take your eyes of the road again, instead the options (radio, mobile phone etc) are digitally provided along the bottom of the screen.
4. Laptops which don’t have to sit in your lap. For example work away on that next article, essay or story digitally with the screen and key pad projected in front of you, leaving you more space and comfort.

These are our top few for now… what do you think?


    1. Quick update – We’ve not tested Kinect technology. It’s got massive potential, although it does miss a lot of your movements. Great start – looking forward to the next 10 years!

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