Legal Disclaimers for Alcohol

Legal disclaimers on alcohol advertising are a regulatory requirement in the UK, whether it be TV, radio or printed press. Typically, the advertising will say “Please drink responsibily. For the facts, visit”.

From a marketing perspective, these warnings are seen to be a hinderance to making profits, however the rules help maintain structure and ethics. These rules must be adhered to, but we’ve found two examples which reflect different ways the legal disclaimers can be included.

Example 1: Stiffy’s

“Stiffy’s, Jaffa Cake Vodka Drink… Av’it! (please drink responsibily)”

Stiffy’s has been advertising on the local radio. The company sells flavoured vodka and on a personal note, the Kola Kubez flavour is excellent.

The advertising on the other hand is a bit strange.

Stiffy’s promotes its alcoholic beverage towards young adults. This is evident from the ” ‘Av it!!” slogan on the adverts. The catchphrase is quickly followed up with the legal disclaimer

“Please drink responsibly, for further information please visit”

Example 2: Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels has deployed a more pro-active approach towards the legal disclaimers on their alcohol advertising.

“Your friends at Jack Daniels remind you to drink responsibly”

Instead of rejecting the legal disclaimer as a negative Jack Daniels advertising embraces the negative and finds the positive. “Your friends” suggests you’re part of the club and that the “members” actually care about you and your well-being.

This style was first used by tobacco companies and it’s still visible in today’s advertising world.

Regulations within the alcohol advertising world will only get stricter as the Government puts more intense regulations around the industry. The Scottish Government has been discussing ways to reduce the NHS bill for people suffering from alcohol related incidents. Jack Daniels advertising captures the importance of being part of the team whilst Stiffy’s advertising doesn’t fit next to the legal disclaimer. Embrace the regulation and make it fit to your advertising.
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