New Online Marketing Techniques

Online marketing techniquesMarketing techniques are continuously evolving and adapting to help finding new customers and drive a greater number of sales, especially online.

The internet has changed significantly, even in the past 5 years and now it’s becoming a greater tool than ever to increase business.

Using the newest online marketing techniques, it’s possible to find a treasure trove of new customers, untapped by competitors.

Newest Online Marketing Techniques

  • Social Influencers: Almost every industry has an expert with a large online following (Martin Lewis – finance, food – Clerkenwell Boy). These social influeners can help a business stand out from competitors, either with a positive review or paid advertising. These can be broken down even further, for example a good sports influencer might be Paddy Power, however increased interaction with a large fan account for a specific football team, such as @TotallyMUFC or @AnfieldChat, could also boost brand awareness.
  • Targeted Advertising: On social media and Google it’s possible to target specific types of customers and this can make a big difference. If you are marketing a financial product it makes marketing sense to target those who are 30 – 60 yrs of age and working. It could even be as specific as their likes and dislikes. Building the right campaign has proven to not only increase product sales but likes and follows, increasing the opportunity for free advertising at a later date.
  • Short Videos: One way to increase interaction with social media users is using videos, even more than pictures. We appear to spend a significant amount more time watching a video than we would look at a picture and in our experience it also increases the likelihood of the post being shared.

These new techniques should be integrated into a continuous marketing plan, rather than one off’s or simply for a product promotion.

Online consumers and social media users are smart and have become marketing savvy, so it’s important a brand incorporates marketing techniques, rather than using them as tools.

A great example is Paddy Power, they don’t simple put out a funny advert and become serious on social media, they incorporate the full image of the brand behind both the adverts and their social media interactions.

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