New Year Resolution

It’s the time of year for New Year resolutions and one advert I watched recently reminded me that whether it’s a personal or business goal, there are certain requirements to succeed. The Nike “No Excuses” advert is intelligently created with US Basketball player Matt Scott and should be watched, regardless if you’re a sports fan or not.

Setting business goals

If you’re not currently setting yourself business goals, then it’s time to start. What do you want to achieve and by when? You can use SMART to ensure you are setting appropriate goals. SMART means each goal should be;


For instance, “Throughout 2012 I will write a new blog post at least 3 times a week of at least 400 words”. It’s specific, measurable, achievable (if I plan my week properly!), realistic and set against a time.

Succeeding with your business goals

After setting your goals it can often be difficult to ensure your goals meet your business need and enable your business to move forward. The attributes to succeed in a personal goal are the same as business goals. You must be;

Honest: I’ve owned and run my own company for years now and one of the challenging factors is being honest with myself. That can sometimes mean learning that the goal I set was too advanced or that I needed a swift kick up the backside to meet my goals. Being honest with yourself is essential to save time and develop your business.
Determined: There are days when you can make multiple excuses for not meeting your goals. For instance “I had too much other work”, “Someone else didn’t do their part” or “I felt sick”. You have to make your goals happen with preparation and a focussed mind.
Have the ability: I once wanted to be a footballer, but I lacked two key ingredients; Speed and any talent whatsoever. It was, in hindsight, an unrealistic objective. You need to ensure your business objectives are potentially possible. If you have the ability, coupled with a determination to succeed and an honest outlook then what can stop you?
Luck: Finally, you can’t control what your competitors are doing, arguably some market conditions are also out with your control and in the end you require a bit of luck.

If you have all four of these attributes your objectives are far more likely to be a success.

Nike Excuses Advert

The Nike “No Excuses” advert drives the message direct to the consumer’s face. As my grandfather once said, “a job worth doing is worth doing well”. This advert reminds me of that message.

Setting 2012 Goals

Good luck setting your 2012 goals. An important reminder is to evaluate your objectives frequently. Ideas for setting goals could be;

– Improving your social media numbers
– Improving your website ranking (position on Google)
– Improving your profit with an advertising campaign
– Creating a digital marketing campaign to drive brand awareness
– Starting a Public Relations campaign to improve your profile
– Set a budget for 2012 marketing
– Create a tender proposal to find a new marketing agency
– Redesign our corporate profile with a new logo and leaflets
– Use SEO techniques to drive 10% extra sales

P.s. These are not SMART objectives, but just ideas of what you may wish to achieve.


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