Opting out of Google +1 on Adwords

The struggle to opt out of Google’s social marketing for Adwords users

Google unveiled its latest social marketing campaign, the “+1 Button” which can be found within the search results and Google’s advertising listings. The theory behind Google’s +1 button is that users who click to ‘+1’ a product, brand, service etc will then be telling their friends they recommend it. Friends who then go to use the product or service will see the information, alongside the fact you have given it a ‘+1’.

The problem arises for Google’s bread and butter client’s – the advertisers. It’s has become notoriously difficult for advertisers to opt out of the +1 scheme.

For some advertisers they would prefer to remove the +1 option alongside their advert. This can happen for a number of reasons. For example, a new company will have very few +1’s whereas experienced organisations will have many. It doesn’t reflect on the quality of the companies, just the length of time in existence. As a result, a company may wish to avoid placing the +1 on their advert until their brand grows. Also, recommendations from friends on a product or service is unnecessary or at times personal, so to add automatically add the +1 button is wasted.

“Becoming Anti-Social”

The process of becoming Anti-social and moving away from +1 advertising on Google was complex. The forms broke, twice and the response time was unimpressive. It almost seems like Google doesn’t want me to opt out.

Well tough. Of all our clients, only one would be unsuitable to add the +1 button and would need it removed.

I finally found out how to do it – you can submit the form here:


P.s. We’re not anti-social, nor are we anti- ‘+1’ but we’re definitely against companies making opt-out’s difficult!!


    1. The other thing to consider is the link 3 spaces below who has more +1’s then the first paid link would possibly get more clicks, even though it has a less expensive position.

    2. Good point Skylar!

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