“Pay as you go SEO”

When times get tough, often the first expenditure a business reduces is its marketing spend. The belief is that businesses can manage with what they’ve got a ‘ride out the storm’. Often the truth is that competitors spend more time and money marketing and can gain invaluable market share.

We understand both frustrations – you want your business to continue to grow whilst ensuring the marketing costs are spent wisely. We’ve come up with a suggestion, which we’ve labelled “Pay as you go SEO”.
What is “Pay as you go SEO“?

The North Star search engine guarantee ensures we will get your website onto the top pages of Google for your chosen keywords. You only pay a monthly fee when we deliver on our promise to you.

You choose a minimum of 15 keywords related to your business and our expert website team will get you onto the top pages of Google (pages 1-3). The higher we get you on Google the more you would pay, however, that should mean you get more online enquiries too! You only pay for long term success. Some companies will charge over £5,000 per month to improve your website on Google, but with our PAY AS YOU GO SEO service you will save at least 60% every since month, if not more.

Unlike other online marketing companies, when we help you improve your rankings on Google we don’t charge you for creating;

  • a Facebook / Twitter page
  • a list of suggestions for your 15 keywords. We also don’t charge for producing an introductory report detailing how your website currently ranks.
  • any rankings on Yahoo, Bing, Ask or any other search engine (these are free!)
  • any keywords out with your top 15 keywords which generate enquiries (these are free too!)
  • creating a blog
  • custom made articles
  • links on other websites
  • a high page rank on your website

Success based marketing

Our pay on success marketing ensures that during the recession your business continues to market its services but not waste money on pointless marketing campaigns.

It couldn’t be simpler. Enquire today by calling 0844 318 0381 or visit www.northstarmarketingsupport.com


    1. Well done on this idea!

    2. it has been a innovative idea thinking of the difficulties an organization faces during recession. It helps organizations in reducing investments on marketing and getting results with minimum money. Ours is a Video Conferencing Software company also dealing with Audio Conferencing Phone we follow the same strategy. if any idea for us u r welcome.

    3. Hi Pepsharada

      Thanks for your post, always interested to hear about innovative ideas for business.

    4. Well done on this idea!

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    6. Avatar for Northstar Company Registration Delhi : January 3, 2013 at 10:01 am

      Fantastic blog and love this blog because this is the best way for me.

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