Payday Loan Forum

I think it’s time for an apology. It’s been over a month since I’ve posted on the North Star Marketing blog, however I do have exciting news. We built a forum.

Payday Loan Forum
The forum we designed is called the payday loan forum. There are hundreds of thousands of millions, well maybe not millions, but there are lots of TV, radio, newspaper etc advertisements for payday loans. The reason so many companies are selling payday loans is because the profits can be huge over a short period of time. For instance, if I lend you £100 today, in 7 days you would have to repay £130. If you were late then you would have to pay a late fee, so in a short period of time your £100 loan can be a real burden on your shoulders.
On the other hand, why do so many people take out a payday loan if the consequences are so negative? Could it be that they have no other choice – banks and high street loan companies won’t lend them the money? Perhaps they only need a small amount and quickly? Or, people may choose to borrow £500 and repay £650 when they next get paid.
The forum tries to understand payday loans from a non-commercial (also advert free) and unbiased view point.
Why Payday Loans?
A popular question would be, “why payday loans?”. Well, our answer to that is simple. In the UK there is no limit on the amount of APR a company can charge for providing a loan. However, the financial crisis has meant people are desperate for money, in some cases so they can put food on the table. Some people would see this as opportunistic, greedy companies benefiting from the poor, others, including many people who use payday loans believe it’s a valuable and essential service which meets their needs.
Payday loans are effectively the most controversial form of credit available in today’s society. Subjects which are controversial are usually excellent for debate and online forums. Also, there are very few (if any) impartial payday loan forums where the owner is not trying to sell advertising, affiliate marketing or generate leads for payday loan companies.
How can I access the Payday Loan Forum?
You can join the payday loan forum by visiting


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