Professional SEO Company or DIY?

Often clients will tell us they’ve tried to implement SEO elements into their website, but aren’t getting the results they expected, so what are the benefits and negatives of hiring an SEO company?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) isn’t an exact science, however there are aspects of it which we can predict or foresee results.

As an SEO company, you may be expecting us to say you must hire professionals to get your website high on Google, however there are benefits to doing SEO yourself.

[subtitle heading=”2″ subtitle_content=”Benefits of Doing SEO Yourself”]
  • Learn A New Skill: It’s always positive to learn a new skill and SEO is an extremely useful tool when running a business
  • Low Cost: No matter how low Northstar price ourselves we have to accept we’ll never be cheaper than someone who chooses to implement SEO changes to their own website
  • Make Changes Quicker: If there is a keyword or phrase you want your website to rank for you’ll be able to add it to key areas of your website quickly. You don’t need to wait until you speak to an SEO company before the changes take effect
[subtitle heading=”2″ subtitle_content=”Benefits of an SEO Company”]
  • Quick Results: Although no SEO company can guarantee results, running an SEO audit, finding and fixing website issues and implement specific changes, is likely to lead to a quicker improvement in search engine rankings.
  • Expertise: SEO companies have the knowledge to find out why a website might not be ranking high on search engines and how to fix any problems it’s experiencing. This expertise means there is a higher likelihood of them finding problems which might otherwise be missed.
  • Reliability: Businesses and their owners can rely on an SEO company to improve their search engine results, without taking on the extra work themselves. Most of our clients are busy and don’t have the time to learn about SEO, implement changes, run a report to check if their website is rising in the rankings or make the appropriate changes if necessary.

There’s certainly no harm in trying to implement SEO techniques into your own website, however, for businesses which require quick results it may be best to speak with a professional SEO company.

The time it will take to learn SEO techniques could be valuable time an SEO company could be making important changes to your website.

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