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The Importance of Business Relationships with SEO

The UK is unique for the importance they put on business relationships. In other countries relationships are important but in the UK business relationships are the foundation of success for companies.

UK SEO companies better understand the need to maintain these essential business relationships. SEO can be conducted anywhere around the world but in a recent survey only 7% of companies using an SEO company were using an overseas SEO company.

The main reasons given for using a UK SEO company were:

1. Ease of communication

2. “they work when I work”

3. Don’t feel there’s a con behind it

4. Can meet if i wanted to face to face

5. I trust people who are closer geographically to me.

There are a number of interesting points here for UK SEO companies. Despite overseas companies undercutting UK SEO companies, the British companies still stay within the UK for their SEO consultants.

The value is not always in the price but the quality of the service and relationship management.


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