SEO Consultants Essential When Migrating A Website

Northstar were recently hired as SEO consultants by a web design company. The designers were migrating a website for their client and didn’t want to lose the website’s ranking position on search engines.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) has become an essential services when building or migrating a website because of the risk of losing important traffic, which is generating leads for an organisation.

While a web designer’s job is to ensure a website looks professional and stylish, it’s the SEO consultant’s job to check all SEO elements have been added correctly. Designers primarily focus on the functionality and look of the website, whereas, our optimisers want to ensure the traffic, backlinks and URLs (among other elements) are maintained.

Migrating a Website: When Should I Hire An SEO Consultant?

Anytime significant changes are being made to a website – or simply when a new website is being created – an SEO consultant should be included in the process. If your business relies on enquiries and traffic from search engines, like Google, we would advise you to seek professional advice.

The risk for businesses migrating their website is they could lose their position on search engines. Growing your website, brand and credibility online takes months, perhaps years, but losing rankings occurs at a much faster rate. For example, if a website is migrated but the metadata isn’t transferred across, then the site will lose traffic, rankings and enquiries.

A new website can breathe life into the online customer experience, but failing to take into account the search engine impact could be detrimental to the website long term. We’re not suggesting you shouldn’t update the style and content on your website, but consulting with a SEO specialist in the process can save you time, money and traffic in the long term.

What Does An SEO Consultant Do?

An SEO consultant will work for a limited time on the website and will analyse the key SEO elements which need changed, amended or added.

This should include the meta data, keyword content, image alt tags, website structure, heading tags, internal linking and much more. If web pages are going to be removed permanent redirects are required. If the URL is going to change you will need a strategy for your existing backlinks. You don’t want internal broken links so these will need to be updated too.

They may or may not implement the necessary changes, it’s possible they will simply liaise with the web designers to make the changes.

This will ensure the website’s onsite SEO is of a high enough standard to inform Google of where it should rank and which keywords are most relevant to the website.

Thinking of Changing Your Website?

Let's Have a Chat

If your business requires an SEO consultant to help migrate a current website or work with web developers on a new web design, Northstar Marketing are happy to help.

If you have already migrated your website and it’s started to fall down the search engine rankings it is possible to still find and resolve the problems causing this to happen.

There are SEO techniques which could help recover the website’s ranking, however it’s important to act quickly and speak to a search engine optimisation company, such as Northstar Marketing.

We will run a full SEO audit to find the reason the website isn’t ranking the same as it was previously, and make the necessary changes to improve its SERP position.

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