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We help people & businesses find your website on Google.

Our Glasgow SEO team are here to rank your website on page one of Google for your most powerful search terms.

Our Glasgow SEO team know exactly what it takes to drive your website to the first page of Google. Afterall, we have over 30 years worth of experience in search engine optimisation. But, more than that, we’ve been on your side of the table. We’ve managed websites and been responsible for increasing traffic for a business and producing profitable returns from SEO.

We know what matters and it’s a combination of communication, results and return on investment. We keep these three factors in mind for every search engine optimisation project we undertake.

As a SEO Agency, we work across the whole of Scotland. We prefer to meet face to face on a monthly basis to discuss the campaign, but we do cover the whole of the UK.

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Why Northstar Marketing’s SEO Team?

So, there are a number of different SEO companies to choose from. What makes us different?

  • Experience: Our experience is what gives us our edge. We’ve been building and optimising websites since our early 20’s.We would be happy to introduce you to a range of clients to gain relevant feedback on our service.
  • Return on Investment: Our pricing structure is based on achieving your objectives while ensuring your leads are profitable. Once we’ve achieved your objective we re-evaluate pricing and the goals to ensure you’re not being overcharged.
  • Results Driven: Nothing makes us happier than watching a website climb from page 15 to page 1. We enjoy it so much we monitor changes on at least a daily basis. We care about delivering profitable results and in turn our clients often recommend us to other businesses.
  • Reporting: We keep you informed throughout the SEO process. If it’s not our monthly meetings, we’ll send you an update on the progress made and we’ll keep a close eye on Google analytics to maximise your campaign.
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Putting the science into SEO

Search engine optimisation is a systematic process, regardless of your industry. The same structure is followed for every website.

Search engine optimisation is about making improvements to the website and monitoring the changes over time. Our Glasgow SEO team spend significant time analysing reports and evaluating progress made on each campaign. We track and record changes so we can monitor what’s improving the website.


1. We start by getting to know you and your business. This helps to set objectives and understand the budgets required to achieve success.


2. We complete keyword research, a detailed SEO audit, competitor benchmarking and an analysis on your website.


3. Using the information we’ve gathered we create a detailed plan.


4. We implement our plan and keep you updated on every step.


5. We evaluate, report and improve.

We can provide reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, depending on your requirements. Each month we’ll provide a detailed analysis on the previous month’s SEO service. If you’re based in Glasgow or around central Scotland, we’ll visit you on a monthly basis to assess the campaign face to face.

Did you know, our founding director built his first website – in the furniture industry – while at University and optimised it to the top of Google in order to fund his way through his studies? He later sold the website when he graduated.

Want customers to come to you?

Search Engine Optimisation is one marketing method to make that happen.

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