SEO – What Happens When It’s Successful?

Understandably when companies contact us about SEO their greatest concern is how they will get high on Google and the cost, but what happens when we achieve their goals?

Once a website is ranking high on Google, has no on site SEO issues, backlinks have grown and it’s beating competitors for keywords, what else can be done?

At Northstar we’re not like other SEO companies, we appreciate there is a point we will achieve the goals our clients set and our workload will reduce.

What Is SEO Success?

Each client will have a different idea of what SEO success means, some will want to rank high for keywords, some will want increased website traffic and others may want both.

We consider SEO success to be when we’ve achieved the goals our clients set, this should mean the website ranks high on search engines, traffic has increased, all onsite issues are resolved and backlinks have been added.

Once we feel we’ve taken a website as far as we can for SEO we will advise our clients it may time to consider changing our role and possibly reducing our fee.

After We Meet Your SEO Goals

Once our clients are happy we’ve achieved SEO success or taken our role as far as possible we offer them a few different options

  • Maintenance Contract: We reduce the monthly fee and we offer clients the option for us to continue optimising new posts/pages, add internal links and monitor the website’s rank for keywords. Although a website may be ranking high on search engines, competitors could still over take it should our client’s website not keep being maintained.
  • Social Media:  SEO isn’t the only way to gain new customers, in fact social media is an excellent way to pull customers to our client’s website. We publish post/tweets, increase likes/followers and use our knowledge to create a brand message through the power of social networks. This can be performed alongside maintaining the website’s SEO.
  • Advertising: Although this will increase the overall cost, due to the advertising budget plus our fee, it is a proven method to increase website traffic and sales/enquires. The advertising can be done via Google or social media ads such as Facebook

Get What You Pay For

The amount of work required at the start of an SEO campaign vs months later should never be the same, if a website has been optimised properly.

One Northstar client was recently amazed when we offered to cut our fee and switch them onto a maintenance contract. Their experience of SEO companies was one which led them to believe we would continue to charge the same fee, despite them being unable to rank much higher than they currently are.

At Northstar we only charge for work we actually do and if we do believe our workload has been reduced, so is our client’s fee.

If you’ve had a bad experience with an SEO company or you’re unsure about the costs involved, contact Northstar Marketing on 0800 085 0226.

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