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Sky Sports launches its summer advertising campaign
Whilst consuming my tea and toast at breakfast this morning an advert for the new Sky Sports season came on my screen. Typically, I watch BBC news in the morning and spend 5 minutes flicking between channels afterwards. What was appealing about the Sky Sports advert was the simplicity of it – it didn’t shout “Buy Now”, it slowed the football action down, the music wasn’t overstated and in an instant it managed to grab my attention.
Usually there is systematic approach to advertising. One of the models is AIDA; Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. This advert had all of these key ingredients in a 30 second advert and it was all communicated via images and videos of previous, old games.

Without a word being spoken the advertising reminded me of the best bits of the beautiful game.

Categorically, my Sky Sports package will be back on at the weekend.
As a football fan I long for the season to restart and the advert reminded me of the game itself, the excitement, the tension, the great goals and celebrations – how could I not sign up again?!
The Sky Sports advert remains extremely powerful without even having to say a word. Great advert worthy of a mention.


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