Social Media E-Commerce Increasing Sales

Social media has been an extremely powerful marketing tool over the past 10 years, however now it’s not just about growing a brand, it can help drive sales.

Figures released by Aimia reveal, 56% of consumers are following their favourite brands on social media, while 31% of online consumers said they used social media to find products.

According to a separate report by Mintel,

“72% of 25-34 year-olds and 50% of 45-54 year-olds value the recommendations of social media contacts.”

There were 37 million social media visits to e-commerce websites, which culminated in 529,000 orders, according to research from Shopify in 2014.

How To Use Social Media To Drive Sales

Having a social media presence is crucial and while running a social media marketing campaign is extremely important, there is a new method to increase sales.

While paid adverts can help find and target a specific audience, online users often ignore these because they see so many of them on a daily basis.

The latest method to driving social media sales is to pay influential accounts which can give their recommendation to a product/service.

Social media promotion works because it doesn’t necessarily appear to be advertising, making it more likely to grow organically.

Social Media Promotion

As the demand for advertising space on social networks grows, so has the cost to promote a post or gain impressions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Paying large, influential accounts to tweet or post on behalf of a business can bypass the price of official advertising, yet still yield huge results.

Finding social media accounts to post on behalf of a business can be difficult, for a start there are so many; where does one begin to look?

That’s where Northstar Marketing can help, we already have a network of social media influencers who promote our clients’ products and services.

Imagine reaching millions of people, from influential and authoritative social media accounts? Recommendations from these accounts can drive sales to your business or meet your marketing goals. Challenge us to exceed your marketing objectives with a social media viral campaign.

Social Media Promotion

Make Your Product Go Viral

Tell us more about your product/service and we will create a social media promotional plan which will help drive sales and increase brand awareness.

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