Social Media Marketing More Important Than SEO?

Social Media MarketingSocial media for some people might be a place to catch up with the latest news or gossip, but for businesses could social media marketing be more important than SEO.

At Northstar Marketing we work with small to medium sized businesses who want to maximise the return on each marketing campaign, this raises an important question, social media marketing or SEO?

While SEO is all about using the right keywords, meta descriptions and having unique content, social media is about pushing specific products and targeting customers.

Social media has a range of benefits which search engine optimisation can’t compete with and can even make it better value for money.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

  1. Free Marketing: Social media marketing doesn’t have to only include advertising campaigns, simply building the number of followers or likes a business has on a Twitter & Facebook page would count has marketing. This means once a page has a lot of people joining it, there’s a ready made audience to target with new products, FOR FREE!!
  2. Friends & Family Referrals: We’ve seen an immense rise in the number of referrals for our clients after they joined the social media world. When people share or like a post it will show up on their friends timelines, offering an excellent opportunity to gain new customers.
  3. Instant Promotions: Businesses who have built a strong social media base will be able to offer last minute, instant promotions. This works well for companies who may be experiencing a quiet period, allowing them to increase business within an hour or less of writing a post/tweet.
  4. Increase Website Traffic: When a new product is launched or a blog post is written, it can be promoted and seen quicker than waiting for search engines to rank it high in it’s listings (that’s of course if it ever does reach the top of the listings).
  5. Increase Brand Awareness: Social media is an excellent tool to let customers know what’s happening with a business and keeps them aware of the products being sold.

While SEO still has a role to play in building and marketing all businesses, the importance of social media shouldn’t be understated.

One way to think about the difference between the two is to say, SEO is about making it easy for customers to find a business, social media is a business searching for the customer.

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