Social Media Marketing

Social Marketing has become a vital method to growing a company’s brand, promote new product and increase profits.

Northstar Marketing have built a large social audience by growing large social media accounts, which we use to promote our clients.

How To Start Social Media Marketing

Northstar Marketing will assess your long term goals from the social marketing campaign and build a plan which suits your needs.

We will explain in detail which methods and techniques we will use to grow your online presence, giving you a break down of our expectations.

Why Use Social Marketing?

Social marketing isn’t just about promoting the latest product, it offers a unique opportunity for a business to reach existing customers and get feedback. Customers will use their social media accounts to complain about companies when they aren’t happy so it’s important our clients can respond quickly.

Once a company has a large audience online it will save them money trying to reach customers via advertising. Our clients have been surprised at just how much response they get when they promote a new sale or product, despite not spending anything on advertising.

Any business which is currently spending money on SEO should consider how social marketing could help increase website traffic. Although SEO will help rank a website higher on search engines and therefore offer a long term benefit, social marketing will increase traffic quickly.and direct people exactly where necessary.

Social Media Marketing Methods

There are different methods which can be used to market our clients, these are broken into direct and indirect. The direct method requires us to manage our clients social media accounts, run advertising campaigns and increase it’s likes and followers.

The indirect method will mean we use our own social media accounts to share our clients posts/tweets, advertise their accounts etc. This has proven to be our most successful technique to date with some clients growing by as much as 500 twitter followers within 1 month.

Best Industry To Use Social Marketing?

Currently news organisations are benefiting heavily from social marketing however many more are starting to use it. We’ve seen a large increase in the use of social media from the fast food  industry who use it to promote special deals using voucher codes.

The retail industry is starting to see an increase with many beginning to offer special online deals which they promote on their social media accounts.

It’s expected all industries and businesses will be using social media to market their business within the next 10 – 20 years.

If you would like to find out more about how social marketing can help your company grow it’s brand and promote it’s service contact us today.

Social Media Campaigns

William Hill Logo

William Hill contacted Northstar Marketing via one of our many social media accounts, with the target of getting users to sign up to their website. Whilst this was a challenging project, it also proved to be one of our most enjoyable and successful.

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