Sony distances itself from “tasteless” advert

This week we saw Sony criticise the 10:10 climate change advert produced by Richard Curtis claiming it was “ill-conceived and tasteless”.

The video shows children being blown up, along with celebrities David Ginola and Gillian Anderson, for not caring about climate change.

The campaign follows with the slogan “Cut your carbon by 10%. No pressure.”

What’s the problem for Sony?

Ok, apart from the obvious – it’s a horrific advert that’s designed to shock – there is a brand issue for Sony.

Big brands don’t want to endorse and support controversial change which can reflect negatively on them. With brands now being worth billions of pounds there is a lot at stake if it goes wrong.


In recent years we’ve witnessed an influx of companies “jumping on the bandwagon” of the latest social marketing trend. Whilst climate change is essential for future generations, brands have believed it to be a safe option for marketing their brand in socially.

The brand decision

Marketing socially has been proven to leave customers with a ‘good feeling’ about a company doing good things which don’t necessarily benefit them directly.

Companies may now start to question exactly what they are signing up to and weigh up whether being associated with independent organisations promoting social change is suitable for their brand.


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