The Importance of Good CRM

Good CRM System

CRM refers to Customer Relationship Marketing; an innovative method to manage customers through streamlined processes, maintaining relevant data and using the information to offer profitable products which will enhance the lives of your customers.

The Process of CRM

Understanding and managing your customers doesn’t just happen, it takes time, planning, research and an carefully thought through implementation plan.

Once this is completed, the decision has to be taken how best to use the information – it’s no goo having the data but not using it to the best of your companies ability. As a result, you generally find companies using specifically created software.

This software includes brands such as Microsoft CRM and Saleforce.

Why use these tools?

From large multiple site companies to small business, everybody needs a database which can manage their business needs. Some companies are satisfied using Microsoft Access and it can be a useful database for many businesses.

Other businesses are looking for the efficient & effective tool which will not only allow them to record client data, but do so effortlessly. For example, cloud-software now allows users to login online using a smart phone and complete an application form which is submitted in real time to the user database.

Salesforce vs CRM

I’m not here to tell you which software I think is better – both integrate with your usual software packages and provide an excellent service. CRM is slightly easier to build for the first time user whilst Salesforce has pushed the boundaries of effortless marketing support.

When CRM goes bad

Now, we’ve developed CRM plans for companies in the past and the key is relevance & accuracy. Only ask your client what you need to know and make sure what they tell you is recorded correctly.

Poor CRM only leads to infuriate customers and is counter-productive.

I bought Mrs North Star a new car 6 months ago and last week received a call from the manufacturer to inform us that since our car was at the end of the agreement we could upgrade. After a curious discussion with the sales rep it turned out it was a mistake.

This is poor CRM management.

I then receive another 3 very similar sales calls after informing the company employee of our situation.

This is poor CRM and general customer management.


CRM is essential for successful relationships and building additional sales which meet the needs of your customers. I’ve saw a CRM system build satisfied customers into life-time delighted customers.


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